Question about Bad Company 2 Vip

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I have question for you. What exactly Vip gives? 

Someone told me that if I will buy Vip I will get all DLCs for Bad Company 2 - is it true? 


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You buy bc2 new or used?  If you bought it new type in the vip pass that's on the backside of the manual.  If used then yeah buy the pass you get a ton of dlc.  But Viet Nam sold separately.

best maps are non VIP

Extend your Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 experience - VIP Access gives you new maps, onslaught mode, and Battlefield 1943

when did 1943 get included? or Onslaught? you only get the maps unless they changed it up.

I got the ULtimate edition. Came with 1943 and ultimate Ed  onslaught . Also the SPECACT  kits.

that's ultimate, not VIP

Well I'm not very important.