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during the early stages of the game I was wandering around clearing caves to get my skills up abit and found a book in one of the spider egg sacks it turned out to be a side quest item , fast forward a few missions and I get sent to find this book by the librarian in winterhold college and it wont let me give it to him I even went back to the cave and recleared it and it still wont let me finish the side quest which means I cant get any of the good books on enchanting from him. any help as to actually finish the quest would be welcome.


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Can you please give me the quest's name? I'd be able to help you much more! :)

First, Urag will never send you for a book to a spider sac; it will always be a chest in a specific location. That is the only copy of the book he will accept even if you have found other copies elsewhere. There are many copies of most books and it is entirely possible to have multiple copies in your inventory. Read the note or your journal to see where you were supposed to go. If you have duplicates in your inventory when you give Urag the book he will take only the one he wants. BTW, the books he will give you are from the main mages quest that wants you to retrieve 3 books from Fellglow Keep. Urag's misc book quests are unending and eventually make you Blood-Kin of the Orcs. Each Shalidor quest brings its own reward of scrolls.