Quantum break Video Streaming

I have a two part question. The first is that I have DSL and streaming the video portion of this game is probably going to be a frustrating and time consuming process. Is there a way I can get the video on DVD so I can load it into the game? I say this rather than just asking to download the video because even downloading the approx 78 gig package would probably take me a week, during which my interactions with my computer would be reduced to almost unusable during that time.

Secondly, I understand that several (if not all) ISPs are in the process of forcing data caps on home internet use. How is the game developer, and XBOX going to handle this kind of thing. Since the video feed is an integral part of the gaming experience, this could burn through caps if more than one person is playing from a home or if people replay the game multiple times.


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Hey there Cake! I was able to track down a bit of info that should assist in answering some of your questions.

There are 4 video segments throughout the game running about 25 minutes each.  Streaming these will be similar to streaming a half hour TV show on popular video streaming services.  If data consumption is a concern, you may skip the video scenes using the “B” button on your console or the Space Bar on Windows 10.

I hope that helps! Have an awesome weekend! =)

Why not download the videos locally from the option in the game store so you don't have to stream? I just installed them to my External HDD. I understand it can take a while but DSL is bare minimum for a Broadband enabled device and really hasn't been able to keep up with the larger demands of current devices. I would suggest setting it to download while you are sleeping or at work if you work. The background download can handle that.