Quake Arena Arcade

I would really like to see more ranked matches on Quake Arena Arcade. I run into some really good players on the player match side. I will be hosting / searching everyday at random times, and I am in a room right now so please join if you are into this game. 



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Send me a freind request. I got a couple of freinds that i play this game with from time to time.

Done deal! I hope to see more folks on this classic game. Let's populate the leaderboards and keep this game alive!


this game still won't let me play online, keeps failing the connection test. bloody virgin media :(

You must have a good connection. I have never had a problem at all unless there are bots in the room. Then it lags a little...... well sometimes a lot!!!!! No bots no lag.

Add me I am always up for any Quake or Duke Nukem ! Any time im always on them

A lot of people were put off that game because of online lag.

I found it impossible to get a lag free game. Also it would often fail the connection test.

Turned out that the game is sensitive to wireless. As soon as I went wired the online started working properly.

But by then no one was playing it any more due to the fact that they kept getting lag.