Quake 5

Found this article searching earlier, its from a couple months ago but kind of hints about ID being interested in making a new Quake game finally.

I would love to see a Quake 5 i've always enjoyed the Quake series, and now that ID has finished and released Rage maybe we'll hear some more news soon.

I broke out Quake 4 earler haha its a bit outdated.. ok very outdated but still fun lol.


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Found this too, seems a little more official. Looks like there's a Doom 4 coming as well.

I'm more interested in Doom 4.

The 1st Quake on the N 64 <3 goodtimes :)

Quake 4 was horrible. >.<

I as well am far more excited for Doom 4, but I like where they're thinking about taking Q5.  I'd be all about that.  Oh and Zombie, I enjoyed Q4 even though it wasn't perfect.  Been meaning to pick it up again for $7.  

Quake 4 wasn't the best game in the world but it was a freaking cool game at launch.  I've actually bought that game three times over.  I had to replace it the second time cause someone break my first and the third time I bought it was cause I traded in the second one and it was the first game I had for XBOX 360 at launch so I needed it for my collection.

I loved the first Quake on PC.  It was where I found and played one of the most successful mods ever, Team Fortress.  Team Fortress on Quake 1 was awesome.  Just has never felt the same in any other game I've played.  Though TF2 has come close. :)

uhh ohh quake 5!!! YESSS


Quake 4 and Quake 2 disc are great games IMO. Can't wait for a new one without  main focus on MP; although co-op would be awesome.

BTW - agree with Sword.