Qestions I still have.... (Spoilers?)

Well I beat the game last night and although it was amazing, I was very dissapointed that they left some things yet unanswered.

What are the Sires??????

Why is the Locust Queen human?

What are the locust's origins?

What was on the disk Adam gave to Baird?

Did I miss something? I don't remember these questions being answered....

Maybe Karen Traviss is just going to write another book and answer all that in there. (I love her Gears books they made this game a million times better)


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Some of it was in the books but u can tell that the Sires are lambent because Hoffman didn't know about it but Prescott did. lambent tend to be miss shapen and have tentacles. The Sires were where Adam and others got most of their studdies on the Lambent.

I like that theory

Here's my take: I read somewhere that the Sires are the "forefathers" of the Locust. They were experimented on and then started attacking the scientists at the lab. They were then moved to Mount Kadar and all access to the base of the mountain was sealed off. A handful of Sires were kept in the lab and monitored by an A.I. that the scientist, Niles, created in his image. Some in-game collectibles in Gears of War 2 and some of A.I. Niles' ramblings hint that the Sires might have been humans who were experimented on by the scientists at the lab facility. Also remember that inside Mount Kadar leads to Nexus, the capital of the Locust Horde. Hmmmm? Were the humans of Sera the creators of their own destruction?

I have read all the books and none of that is in there lol. Nothing about the sires or any of that. You should read the books anyway though. They're brilliant.

Read the books.

In the cut scene after rescuing Adam, Adam gives something to Baird and references something about all the work he did with the Locusts and all the deaths he is responsible for is on the disc, something like that.  Thanks for the explanation JaRizz, I never knew that stuff, was it all in the books?

At the end Adam gives baird a disc of pretty much every question that was left unanswered.

Sires sound posh.

Sire are an early stage of Lambence that is why they are missshapened. Adam says at first he was the only one to know but then told Prescott and they put together the stasis. Marcus's mom went missing when he was 18 and epic said she was not his mom because that would be stupid and overdone. Locust have lived as long as long as human but under ground. They are a seperate branch of evoultion. Some rats evouled from early corpsors. Most of this stuff was said in the books. Also their is a Gears time line. As for the Queen being human I have no idea about that one. It was never said. And I don't remember Adam giving Baird a disc.

Well you could deff make that argument. Gears of war was basically a tech demo for the in development Unreal 3 engine and that worked out INSANELY well for epic. Wouldn't surprise me to see the new xbox launching with a new gears running on Unreal 4.

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