QEDs? ..just not worth it?

anyone else coming to the same conclusion?  being as how the QED can both help AND hurt you IMO anyone who uses it is foolish since it can take away perks, transport a teammate randomly across the map, bankrupt evey player..or worse? 

yeah it can be a godsend IF it spawns something great that saves everyone's bacon at a critical time..but to risk losing everything, it just doesn't seem worth the risk

..also since you can only either have QEDs or black holes (Gershes)

..personally I'd rather have the Gershes

..am I missing something?


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sorry..prolly should state that I'm talkin' 'bout the new Zombie map "Moon"

..but then again IF you couldn't figure this out..I doubt you'd be reading this anyway

(carry on)

I like them, despite the bad stuff that can happen. They can be a lifesaver if you throw them at the astronaut or if you get an upgraded RPK from it like I did. Plus, the random factor is just plain fun.