Q re modded lobbies in WaW

I know MS can't go into specific detail but I was just wondering whether Microsoft and WaW developers are takling the people that set up these modded lobbies. I have warned my son away from them, but for some of his friends the lure of them is very tempting and I am sure it's only a matter of time before one of them falls foul of the people in them or gets caught by the XBL enforcement team.

My son is lucky in that because I have been i user since it began and one of the lucky ones to get on the beta, I am aware of the risk that he and his friends were taking, most of his friends wont be so lucky as their parents dont use the service and are not savy enough to know what is going on.

It would be nice to see the enforcement team be a bit more pro active in trying to educate the users of the risk they take, I fully support the actions they take and have told my son that if his account does get banned that I will not pay for another one.

What bought this on was seeing one of the people in his friends list with 10  as the age of his XBL account, I understood that E's account is the oldest and if I am correct his will be 9 in August?




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You should encourage your son to read this.  He will be banned for using those lobbies.  He will lose everything you paid for on that account.

According to the Enforcement Team you can't get infected by accident. There are several steps to take that make it clear what is going on. You sound as if you know what you are talking about so just tell your lad to be careful and if people start asking him to join a private game and start doing odd things, then he should power off his console. Then block all communications with those people.


I agree that it'd be nice to see more education about the danger of modding but the Enforcement Team would just say that you have your warnings in the Term of Use and Code of Conduct, which to be fair everyone should read as it is all covered.


According to the ever accurate Wikipedia, Live launched in November of 2002 on the original Xbox. So achieving a 10 tenure would be impossible for any member of the general public at this point in time.

I understand that, and its not my son I am that concerend about, there are young lads under the M age range that play this that don't know what will happen to them, I will do my bit to make sure he knows and that where possible his friends know what the consequences are.

I am just hoping that MS and the developers are taking steps to clean this game up and make it fun again.

i doubt that they are going to clean up the game, i was on it earlier and there were only about 2000 people on it, and every game i joined there were at least 3 to 4 people in god mode flying around.

I can't speak for the developers or publishers but Microsoft are doing everything in their power to clean up the game.


The vast bulk of people on the account suspension board have been permanently banned for using infections in public matches. http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41.aspx

I know, I was on it a day ago, everyone was complaining how they didn't do anything. I mean if the XBLPET would just play it for more than a minute they could have already banned everyone doing the god mode