Pyromancy Question

Tried searching, no luck. I have Pyromancy +1 (After you hit +15, gets more powerful) and I still cannot cast 30 Firestorms. (can do 2 before it hits 0) My fire Whip runs out quick also. That says 80 uses. Any ideas?


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You cannot upgrade how many uses the spell has unless you got two of the same spell and equip them on two slots

I know that. It says 30 uses for firestorm but the number goes down quickly and hits 0 after using it 2 times. Same with Fire Whip. That has 80 uses and I can only use it 4 times before that hits 0.

maybe it does a 20 hit per use , 4 uses = 20 hits each

Hmm, not sure. I can't even find information about that in the Official Guide. I might have a look again.

That's because Fire Storm and Flame Whip use more than other spells. A friend told me that the pillars of fire from..Fire Storm, I think, uses one for each pillar around the character. Not sure if there's a way to circumvent it.

Oh okay, so it was designed that way. Well that makes sense then. I just wish I knew that before I spent over 30K souls for both. I would have went for other things. Oh well.

Yeah, it is a bit lame, but at least if you upgrade the pyromancy flame to +15 you can get a greater pyromancy flame. Get more oomf for your spells. All it costs are souls to upgrade it, too.

Yeah, I have a +3 now. The +3 after I already did a +15. The power is insane. I prefer Fire Whip over Firestorm no doubt.

Same way with the Darkmoon Blade Dance Miracle. It had 40 uses, but you only cast it twice, and then 20 swords come out of the ground all around you. So some spells drain faster due to its effect.