can I upgrade my fire to more then 8 charges? HOW?


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good question... i would also like to know. and add to that question ...can you increase the range?

Eventually you wont even want that spell.  You can get a stronger fireball but it only has 6 charges.  I just got a huge explosive fireball that melts eveything with lava....its epic, but only has 4 charges.  When you fight the Spider lady with the nice boobs, make sure you go through the invisible wall next to where you ring the second bell.  Dont attack the maggot zombie dude, because you can talk to him.  After talking to him, talk to the big dude to enter the chaos convenent....he will give you that epic 4 charge explosive lava fireball. It takes 2 slots, but it is well worth it.

No, but you can raise your attunement and get more slots and stick one in both or even more if you like.  By the way, just got invaded for the first time, combustion roasted dark spirit Kirk nicely.  He dropped a sword, does that mean I drop something if I lose?

@jabippy Kirk is a scripted invasion, aka he was a computer controlled enemy, certain areas have scripted invasions if you're human, they usually drop a weapon and some nice souls and a few humanity. i think kirk was in the depths? there is another invasion in blighttown. you get a butcher knife for killing her, then she helps you in the next boss battle.

Ahh, thanks, kind of disappointing though, I was all happy I beat someone.