Pyromancer glove?

where can i find one of these? i really want one but have no idea where to find one at. thanks!


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Im pretty sure that you have to start as the pyromancer class and that you just start with it.  Not sure if you can obtain it if your a different class, hence its name.

You mean the pyromancer flame? You get one if you free the pyromancer trainer from the barrel in the Depths, regardless of class.

oh nice. you just have to beat the capra demon to get to the depths right? I haven't beat him yet but i know where he is. thanks!

the pyro trainer is fairly early in the depths, right near where you meet the butcher. go in water, up small stairs, to the left room full of barrels, roll around and carefully destroy the barrel he is in by rolling, attacking him will make him hostile and thus unable to get the glove/more spells.

^^ thanks for the help!

Had the same question as I jumped thru the doorway behind the butcher and took out the giant rat without having to directly fight him. I never went thru the water and couldnt find him.