Pyramid jan 1st medium

I cant get anywhere near the 4100 score required to finish this daily challenge. 1st set I get is good but I can only ever achieve high 2000s.  Please help


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Do not use your king until you play the very last card on the pile.

Finish the 1st set of the row of the pile.

Then move on to the second row.

Until you are on the second row. You can use the deck piles cards.

Then do the same thing you did on the 1st Board.

Dont use the 2 on the deck pile. Until you reach the 1st J on the pile. Then you use the 2

Do not use king until you play the very last card on pile.

Then use the deck pile also make sure your are safe to play it.  

When you are on the third board.

Do not use your 6 in your pile(You need that to order to take the 7 on the 5th row)

you can be able to use the deck piles card at any time.

Then on your  4th board

You can undo your move on this board.Then you work out were you are gone wrong. Then you can just reach 4100 score required.

I hope you can completed this.

This is the only one of the daily challenge i found it difficult to play it.