Pyramid Daily Sept 5 - am I missing something

The Sept 5, 2013 Pyramid daily puzzle has me puzzled - it is labeled as easy and yet I cannot clear either one of the first two boards. And unless I am simple, they can not be cleared due to the arrangement of the cards that are blocking the board being cleared ...


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Oh - nevermind...

The first board is easy if you play it with your eyes open - just hold on to your seven.  The second board - just blow through because the way the 8s and 5s are laid down you will never get them all. The third board is a breeze.

I agree with you 100%. I cannot solve this "easy" puzzle. Hopefully, I'll click what the solution is (like you did) before going crazy;-)

Thank you so much for your advice, VoicefulToe3! The secret was the seven of clubs ( which is the first card on the stack when the game begins) which you have to keep until the end of the first board.