PvP Backstabbing

How does this work? Can you pretty much back stab from anywhere? I get back stabbed when someone is in front of my shield all the time...


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You may find this vid useful.


I know where Isaac is coming from, and I don't think it's lag either.   I put on the ring and was summoned into to forest to (as usual) fight someone I have no business fighting.  There was no lag, or skipping, or jumping around: everything was very smooth.   I pretty much gave up the fight and just stood there with my shield up; buddy does the same so we're essentially just touching shields like we're playing a game chicken.  Next thing I know he's got me in the backstab animation.  No circling around me at all.   Not saying it couldn't be lag, but it's pretty suspicious that the only time the "lag" would occur is when you're standing shield-to-shield with some.   I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone's dex is high enough that the AOE of the "grab" for the backstab range is ridiculously high.

I never said that or anything like it.

But I think we can all agree that anytime your playing with someone on another continent there will be lag.

Yeah, sure, cause you Americans are the center or the world... ;-p

With lag just about anything can happen. I once got backstabbed while the person in my screen was still bowing. But thats what happens when the friggin server matches you with Japan,  UK or an Aussie.