Put some pants on invading phantoms!

I keep getting invaded by people who are practically naked.  They usually are only wearing underwear and have a paper bag or something over the top of their head.  Of course they have a mentally retarded weapon too.  I think they are from the south or something.  Its really scary because I think they are gonna chase me down and *** me.


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lol, luckily the guy that invaded me had clothes on.

You are on of the lucky ones.  This has happened to be 3 times already.

AHHH!  You're talking about Maneater Matidla!  :)  Pretty sure she is an NPC and will randomly invade your world.  Are you in BlightTown or The Depths?

I'm using Matilda's giant butcher weapon.  Upgraded it a ton and I like to use it for giggles sometimes.  My knight looks funny with it and a giant shield.

Was her appearance set to Duelling Banjos?

Yea it was Maneater Matilda!  Lol...its funny the developers would put that into the game.  Must have felt bad for all the non-gold member that Microsoft was holding in internet prison...so they figured they would include fake online idiots for them to play with!