Pure Survival mode, no DLC, tips needed

I'm trying to beat this mode with a friend and neither of us have the DLC weapons (which, judging from playthrough videos, make the mode look like a joke...). Since nothing carries over, we don't have our op launchers, best circuit sets and 20k scrap metal. We're pretty much stuck with the start weapons since all resources are consumed crafting that ammo etc. How do you beat this mode without those DLC weapons? The standard cutter does ridiculously low damage. The only thing I've found is to exploit the respawning resources you can find on the ground and using stasis on enemies but that doesn't get us far enough.


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This is not to come off rude but have either of you had prior experience with Dead Space? Also, what chapter are you guys on?

Beaten them all, beaten this on impossible (was my friend's first playthrough even). No problems whatsoever. This time though with the horrible standard plasma cutters the enemies won't drop dead. We're now at the tram part where there are 2 of those regenerating enemies. Lol at the playthrough video we watched for help and those pretty much one shot kills -.-

Hmmm, I'm not sure what could be going on then. I haven't played in awhile but I thought you could use the Limited Edition weapons, even so I never had much issue with that mode. Could it be your friend holding you back? The hardest difficult for me was Classic Mode lol but again, it just took a little more patience and strategy in certain spots. I would just say make sure your communicating with using stasis and shooting off limbs. Also one person should have at least one heavy weapon (like a shotgun/Force Gun) that can push the necro's back.

You can use DLC weapons but that's just it: we're not gonna pay EA for a weapon in a game and there were no special bonuses available here. So, we had to start with the basic plasma cutters. I created a shotgun but since circuits etc. have to be crafted along with all the other stuff, I can't really upgrade it and the standard shotgun is awful as well (knocks back enemies for a brief moment but can't finish them off or stun them for longer periods of time). Taking out even one enemy is a pain as their limbs are like made of pure steel while we use butter knives to cut them off. :(

It's been awhile since i've played this, but if I remember correctly, you don't have to kill every enemy that you see.  What I mean by that is, shoot their limbs off and run by them or if you can, just run by them and avoid the whole situation.  

The limited edition weapons should be free unless you bought the game used? But like the guy above me said, there's intended where you can pass on a few enemies. Not sure if you heard about this guy but his vids are real helpful and he shows a lot of ways to skip enemy sections m.youtube.com/watch

The tram section doesn't let you skip enemies as you are locked inside the smallish room with them until the tram arrives and you can escape. Otherwise we have been running by as many enemies as we can. And at least the DLC section has everything cost some MSP even with a brand new preordered game. Unless they are hidden and you don't mean (just throwing the names I think they're called) Evangesomething or Marauder(?) then no, they are not free.

^^ Its been awhile but those weapons you named came free with the Limited Editions (which were pretty much every copy) unless they changed it recently. As for the Tram, I usually stayed back where the stasis machine was and had no issue. So that would be my recommendation. Both of you stand up there on each side and cover each other. They will mainly spawn infront of you so it should be easy to see.

The statis recharge station goes offline after one recharge, though. And what can I say... According to the quick google research I did, the limited editions were pretty much limited to GameStop and Amazon. So no, we don't have that version and cannot access the special weapons. I wouldn't be here if we could. So, any general tips excluding the DLC weapons and running back and forth to get resources respawn?

I guess you all finished the game with the DLC weapons then. Oh well, time to trade in the game.