Purchasing used Xbox consoles

Its very disappointing to see the number of users that post on the various forums that they in good faith bought a used console only to find that it is the subject of a permanent ban. Here are some steps that I have used and examined in the past and find that they work very well: 1) On-line buying--have the seller send you the serial number of the console and ASK them if the console is in working order for both on and off-line. Ask these things in a written email which provides you some protection on the purchase (I use Paypal only)as they will quickly come to YOUR (purchasers defence and having it in writing is the best.) If the seller doesn't know get the serial number and check it here on the forums. 2) DON'T take the sellers word for it. Check and double check. WHY: nothing more disappointing than getting a gaming system delivered only to find it won't work. 3) If buying from a store, have them plug the machine into their internet and try and log in. 4) Don't believe that when a seller tells you that you can have the ban removed because you can't. Even though these machines are "used" they are still a considerable investment and the last thing I want to see is someone receiving what is basically a stand-alone single player system. Happy gaming everyone SwampDawgg

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great post and might I add use this website to check the console: http://enforcement.xbox.com/

bit of a disclaimer here it can take up to 24 hours for banned consoles to show as banned so have the seller check it send you the serial number check it again the next day just to make sure.

Good points Bifurious. Always better to be safe than sorry

Not a bad post, but I will say that Microsoft doesnt advise that you purchase used console's. While your post is great it probably wont be seen by everyday consumers who dont visit this forum.


This post makes me REALLY glad I bought a new console. I wanted to save some money by going used, but the thought of buying some germ-ridden, cheeto-dust covered, likely-abused consumer electronic device just to save $30 or so did not seem like the right way to go.

Now you're telling me some of them don't work due to IP bans? Dang... god bless new hardware :)

JasonGoalie:  Remember, there are still many reputable places to buy from. Authorized dealers, lots of real good ebay sellers who will provide you proof that the box is legit. Just watch out for the ones that don't want to share the Xbox's history, serial number etc.

Caveat empor


Puts me off selling one of my 360s too! Never thought about things like that, where is the serial number? I just inherited another 360 off a relative who's moved to the One and doesn't want to keep the 360 anymore as they won't use it. The power button has had a hard time (it's the 250GB slim but the power button acts like an actual button -- I suspect an over reaction to losing on Madden or CoD) but it works fine, thought about selling my newer one as I don't really need 2, but I've never sold a console. Come to think of it, I don't have the original controller... Do people buy them without controllers? I have 6 but only 2 are in good nick -- I like having 2 for co-op if a friend's round, 2 are just well used and 2 were from aforementioned relative!

This will take much more thought than previously anticipated!!

Hey Mr Squidga!! Didn't mean to worry you!!!!  Should be a sticker on the back near the inputs or perhaps the bottom. That will have the serial number on it. Just check it on the above link and you're good to go. I've seen lots for sale without controller (but it would help)


I wish MS would have a update list online for ban Xboxes. Go to list. type number if not there 90% of it is good.

Jasperrdm:  Bifurious provided a link above. There is list where you can check consoles.  I will re-port