Purchased Premium and now the game won't load whatsoever!

Since purchasing Premium, my BF3 game no longer loads. It gets to the title page where it asks me to press start, the image fades and the "Loading" message appears with the flashing square and then it just freezes up. I have repeatedly tried and each time I have had to power off my console. Unimpressed - and I was really looking forward to playing Close Quarters today. Any suggestions as to how I can get BF3 actually working again, considering the money I've now spent on it?


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Sounds like your SOL.  May want to try a different copy of the game?

Contact EA support, they have good rep from what I hear. You could also try clearing your cache.

mmmmmmm cash cow...

Don't worry I had that problem too. It happened the first two times I tried playing BF3 after the update. I don't know what to tell you. Keep trying. It worked for me eventually. Some people on here said this was an isolated problem, yeah DICE defense seems you are wrong again.

DICE defense, they are rated number 1 in the NFL right?


Get a new copy of the game, if that doesn't work then contact EA.

Thanks for the comments. Still no joy but one thing is for sure - no way am I purchasing another copy, seeing as I bought a Limited Edition one in the first place and have effectively re-bought the game with the cost of Premium. From what I am reading on the Premium forum on Battlelog, this is no way an isolated incident either. Perhaps another patch will solve the problem? It's like that scene from Father Ted, when he attempts to hammer out a minor dent in his car and ends up turning what was essentially a fine car in to scrap metal: "For a minute there, I thought I had it."

EDITED - Disregard this post.