Purchased MINESWEEPER PREMIUM but still getting ads

I purchased MINESWEEPER PREMIUM so I could avoid the ads.  But it isn't working - I'm still getting the ads.

XBOX GAMES says it's signing in, but never does.


Then I get

"Do you want to install this item?

Price: Free


I click INSTALL and it replies with: "You own this item. Your purchase wasn't completed because you already own ACTIVATE YOUR GAME."


Then I get this white dialog box: "To use this app , you need to sign in with the Microsoft account that was used to download it.  Go to the Windows Store, select Settings, Accounts and Preferences, then sign in with the purchasing account.  If this doesn't help, uninstall and reinstall the app at the Windows Store".

I have only used one Microsoft account to purchase, download and play the game.

If I go to the Windows Store and swipe in from the right to get SETTINGS, there are options for "Your account", "Preferences", "App updates", "Terms of Use", "Help" and "Permissions".  No "Accounts and Preferences".

I select "Your account" and re-login with the only account I've ever used.


Still no joy.


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Hello Longchenpa,

Thank you for reporting your issue. We've passed it on to our production team for an investigation.  Can you confirm if your LIVE login is associated to your Windows Login?  If it isn't, access the Charm Bar on your device, select Settings, then PC Settings. The steps listed below will ensure your account with the license to play the premium version of Minesweeper is logged in during the initial installation. Please attempt these steps and let us know if you're continuing to have issues or if it has been resolved.

1. Select Accounts or Users depending on if you have Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

2. This is where it will show if your account is tied to your Windows Login

3. If it's not tied to the account, attempt to associate your LIVE account to your Windows Login, you will be able to remove this at any time.

4. Uninstall Minesweeper

5. Restart your device

6. Login to your device, this may now be your LIVE login information, and access the Windows Store

7. Download and Install Microsoft Minesweeper from the Windows Store

8. Once the download is complete, attempt to launch the title to see if you receive the same issue

Thank you,

MS Win8 Games

Thanks for the reply.

My account appears to be tied to my Windows Login.  

I uninstalled Minesweeper, restarted tablet and logged in with my LIVE account credentials (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***)

I downloaded and installed minesweeper OK.

When I start Minesweeper it says, "Checking price" and then "Do you want to install this item? Price: Free Description: Activate your game".  All the while the "Xbox Games Signing In" box in the upper right corner keeps spinning and spinning.