Purchase restrictions for Xbox Live

I am a new mom to Xbox Live and my 8 year old is a whiz at it.  He was able to purchase a mod for Minecraft without me knowing.  Thank heavens it was only $1.00 but I want to set a block or parental code so only I can make purchases. Can someone please explain how to do this?  Thanks!


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are you on xbox 360 or xbox one

Minecraft is only available for xbox 360 at the present time

Took me a few minutes to find the link, but this should help you out support.xbox.com/.../manage-privacy-safety-online

oh nevermind that's right minecraft is for 360

I would make sure not to keep your credit info on the Xbox. It's all too easy to make purchases if you have your credit card on your Xbox.

Does your son have a CHILD account or an ADULT account? It would be determined by the birth date you/he entered when creating his account. If he has a CHILD account then there are settings you can adjust to allow/disallow purchases/content on XBL.