Purchase Micro-transaction Code vs Download to Console

I want to purchase the Space Cats download content, but want to get the code - NOT have it automatically download to console. I want to gift this to somebody who likes cats, but I can only see download to console available.. How do I go about receiving a code for the content? Wanting Xbox 360, not Xbox One. 


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U could download your profile on there console and then buy it!

My friend lives in another town, and would love to just send them the code as a surprise gift.. Not really looking to transfer profiles around or travel. I've seen codes available from YouTubers, so there must be a way to produce the codes versus only download to profile that purchased the content.

U could send him microsoft points.

They dont use ms points anymore, do they?

Go to gamestop if there's one locally. Thats usually the only place to buy those types of things. Or try their website, they will email the code.

u can buy microsoft points from the store but when u redeem them they just turn into money

Seems like buying some points (enough for Space Cats) and scratching them off and message/mail your buddy the code to redeem, is the best way.

he's not just a pretty face that uneasy u know