Public vs. Private Squads

Since now you can see who is in Squads with who's on your team, and if you really want your Team to Win, set your not full 2 or 3 person squad to Public, even if you expect friends to join later you can always change to a new Squad.

I've noticed that losing teams usually are not squad up and you try to get in to one of the 2 or 3 person squads and you can’t because they never set their squad for public.

There really is no need to be in a private squad on a rush or conquest match if you want your team to win.

don't you want to make it more possible to bring more players on your team to you and your squad when your in a battle? 

team killing in hardcore is another topic... those teams that kill team mates are usually losing too. I kind of feel that this happens because players what the vehicles to use so more abilities on them can unlock, did not see that as much in BC2 but more so in BF3 since there is a lot more items to unlock now.

I think this squad issue is going to be fixed in the upcoming patch.


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I hate it when we have randoms in our squad. They always spawn on us and give away our position by doing something stupid. Or they spawn in the gunner seat of the tank and shoot at nothing, letting the enemy know we are coming and taking the spot away from a useful friend.

I play random more then half the time since all my friends are on Skyrim more than BF3. But everytime I join a server, I always check the squads. There should never be more than 3 squads, yet most of the time there are 5. I always leave my squad that I'm automatically put in and join a 3 person squad to make it full or join a squad that has 2+ squad specs unlocked (for the advantage).

my point is if you are on a team that is squaded up then you are more than likely to win, were as if you have a team were 2, 4 or more players are not in a Squad, this is very true on a RUSH game.

There are a few bad Blue Berry Randoms at time, but then sometimes you do get your self a great team player when you play with Randoms. And when there is a new game out and your friends are playing that and not BF3 you have to suck it up and play as a random. It used to be easy to switch teams like in BC2 now you have to play or take that chance to go to the other side if you can.

I wish dice could figure out how to disable party chat, that would make being in squads actually useful.

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I wish dice could figure out how to disable party chat, that would make being in squads actually useful.


I wish you would stop coming on to these forums, but that will never happen.

I always let randoms join my squad.

I have no qualm with anybody that ends up with me in whatever squad I'm in, unless you perform in a way I do not like.