Proud parents of non-perfect children

Hi, my name is Chad... haha  My son Noah is 10, going into the 5th grade next year. I'm not exactly sure how. He was failing math in the 3rd quarter, then made A/B honor roll after I got on his butt. He had never been resitrcted before in his life. lol He is as skinny as they come, with semi long, blonde hair, he thinks he's a little rockstar because I was a singer for a metal band in college. His favorite band is Kiss. I don't know where he got that, I love Kiss but never played them much. Maybe it's the makeup. His mom let him start watch horror films @ age 3. His first was Chucky. Seriously, my child falls asleep on horror films. Not saying I agree with it, blame his mother :P He also loves Football. He weighed in at 63 pounds last year and the coach made him an offensive lineman. I'll put a stop to that this year...he's the fastest kid in his school. I don't care if he is good at offensive line, he'll be better as tight end, wide reciever, running back, or even a safety on defense... anything that involves speed. He came in 2nd in a 2 mile fun run in the 3rd grade. The race had up to 6th graders in it. Here's the scenario... who's that long haired white boy running with those black boys. No white boys can keep up with him. lol He doesn't know any difference, his best friend since birth is mixed. It was a fun day when I ran him down on the football field and showed the other parents where he got his speed :)




The school calls me weekly. I know the redirection lady likes she's his Aunt. Actually, he gets in trouble so much, I know the whole school staff by name and they know me. Luckily my son is charming and always says he's sorry. I act appropriately so the school thinks I'm a good father, hehe. My son has started cursing lately and I am not happy with that @ 10. I have discouraged it, but his buddies at school curse. I've even tried to watch my mouth around him. I know how quickly a cute little kid can go to a rotten, foul mouth kid. I don't want that for him. Any advice?




I could go on, I like to write, but now it's time for someone else to tell us about their kid or kids. Thanks for reading.










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Well, when I was growing up I was taught that in the presence of my parents, I am forbidden to cuss or I will get punished in some way, shape, or form. I'm pretty sure that at the age of ten, my parents still had a hold on me. What my parents did when I would use foul language, they would get creative with it...


For example, my parents were divorced and I had two other sisters. My mom was a little less strict when it came to using inappropriate language, but if we ever did something bad or talked back to her, we had to write standards (writing "I won't do this and that again because it does this and that. At least 1,500 times by a certain time - she got that idea from Bart Simpson) My dad just wouldn't have it. My sisters and I all went through a name calling phase. Our favorite word was "retard". So every time we used that word, we had to put our index finger in our nose (he said it was to make us feel like someone who actually had a disability.. and boy, we did not like the laughter our other siblings gave us.. It was humiliating, so we eventually grew out of that word.) If we said the S word, he would make us clean the bathroom until he approved. If we said the F word, we were sent to our room for the rest of the day with anything that could entertain us, taken away.


Eventually, my dad gave us "the talk" when their punishments were no longer effective. Basically, that we needed to act and speak like young ladies and that it's considered disrespect to use foul language in the presence of your parents. So he just kindly asked that we didn't do that. I've slipped a few times, but always apologize. I love my parents.. and respect them enough to grant their wishes... Hope this somewhat helped even though your post kind of seemed fake. :)

In the beginning this sounded like a story for Chris Hansen.  


What you could do is punish him when he curses.


-take away his Xbox privileges.

-wash his mouth out with soap. (Irish Spring has a lovely taste to it)

-ground him from playing with his friends.

-take away other privileges. (tv, phone, computer, etc.)


No one can decide what to do better than you. All we can do is suggest what you can do.


I second the soap. The embarrassment, plus the taste works wonders. Our 2 oldest know they better not say anything vulgar or close to it around us, or let us hear about them doing it somewhere else. The classics work best. If he's into the football team, keep him there. Best place for kids is in athletic programs. Most of them require decent grades to stay on the team, so he'll have his buddies and team-mates on him to keep his grades up too. Ever think of Track & Field as a secondary since he's quick & smallish? Don't be afraid to resort to flat out bribery to keep those grades up either. Like Tem said- all we can do is suggest, good luck, it only gets trickier. I got a 13 y.o. son and 11 y.o. daughter...I dread the next few years

Actually I've had "The Talk" with my son and I've resitrcted him. He slips up now and then but not nearly what it was. Thanks for the replies.

@Britt: My post was sincere although meant to be humorous and lighthearted. I was hoping for other parents to write about their kids but apparently I didn't come across that way sorry.

Yeah, I noticed that. But since no one else responded, I figured I would.

Washing your mouth out with soap!


That really would not work in my household. My little girl loves the taste of soap and will take huge bites out of our soap bars or pour liquid soap/shower gel onto her hands and then lick it off!


She's coming up for being 2. I'm hoping it's just a phase! :)

[quote user="ZombieTron"]

That really would not work in my household. My little girl loves the taste of soap and will take huge bites out of our soap bars or pour liquid soap/shower gel onto her hands and then lick it off!

She's coming up for being 2. I'm hoping it's just a phase! :)


LOL  Good luck with that one.


When my 10 year old slips up he will loose his xbox for a day. Depending on the word that is. He did a whopper the other night. He had no idea I was in the hallway. Well I have worked in a automotive shop for 21 years and I was a firefighter for 12. What he said caught even me off guard and I have heard (or said) them all......I thought. Well he got to see his xbox taken down and put back in the box along with his DSI. Took away friends for a week and some other things that as he put it made me "the meanest dad in the world". Anyhoot when he got the xbox back he was lucky enough to have it put downstairs this time next to mine.This way I was able to hear every word him and his friends said. After a month of that I really had no problems and to this day he is at least not as loud when he does "mess up".




We need to remember sometimes we were there to. I think my generation did a little better at not getting caught because we had to go out and play all the time. No video games at least nothing to keep us in.




It's been a houseful this summer for me. Myself and my wife plus my son. Then my other son comes to visit a lot in the summer and my stepson just moved back in. That's 5 of us. Add in the neighborhood kids and I can't wait for school to start back, lol. I had to watch netflix with a guitar controller the other night.

I finally got the cursing to a minimum, but now it's me yelling "settle down" because the kids think they are professional wrestlers. That's half my fault cause I've wrestled with them since birth. Now I'm mean Daddy too.

I'm really not complaining though, I love my kids and my life. There is definitely a change around 10 somewhere. My son is hell on wheels, yet likes me to hug on him scratch his head/back, lay on my lap watching movies, etc. It's sweet to me.

Update, my son stabbed himself in the toe with a homemade spear. It went all the way through. I taped it up. My mother and ex wife had a fit, took him to the doctor. Doctor did the same thing I did, but said have his dad tighten the bandage... I couldn't hold the boy still enough.  I never saw the spear.

As for me, I'm on my second session with my therapist. He's actually an okay guy. I've never seen a psychologist before so I just talk about everything. Why not? My latest issue is "Why did I have to inherit a trailer park?" Slumlord does not help one's self esteem. I hate this town. Don't wanna own property and farmland in it. Yet, my son grew up here. He knows no place else :(

Also, if you like racing games like myself. Don't buy MX vs ATV Alive. It's much too difficult for a kid to drive. My son won't play it. I love it. Nascar stinks to me, but all the kids seem to love riding in circles and it's very easy**. Dirt 3 is extremely easy, but I haven't seen any kids that liked it. Shift 2 Unleashed may be the most difficult racer to date and therefore adult hardcore race fans only. Need for Speed the Run will be fun for kids going by previous titles, but this goes into **EA's 13 yr old age restriction online and whether or not you want your child running from police cars. I personally don't let my son play Grand Theft Auto, but he can race the cops. It's like Dukes of Hazard to me. He knows I'm not against the police. All kids seem to like forza though, so Forza 4 would be a great idea for kids and parents alike. I think it comes out around Sept. 11.