Prototype 2 E 3 trailer


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I thought the first game was largely under rated. It started off slow, but once you started unlocking different powers, it was awesome running around the city like an unstoppable juggernaut. I'm glad to see they didn't give up on the franchise.

totally agree with you.

I like that Mercer is the 'bad guy' this time round.'   Not that you felt like a good guy in the first running around killing everyone.

I would rather continue the story of Alex Mercer. It seems weird them bringing in a new character.


Don't get me wrong the game did have it's flaws, but who didn't like killing hordes of mutant zombie people/beasts.

Loved the first game.... as long as the new character has powers similar to Mercers in the first game I don't mind the character change :) Trailer makes it look good :)

i loved the first game. just not getting platinums. theres just something about games that make you feel invincable with sweet powers that i cant get enough of...