Pros/cons of the BETA from a battlefield veteran.


1. Unique gadgets(Ex EOD robot)

2. Recon is more team ornaited (radio beacon)

3.  Better HUD

4. Accessories radically change weapon performs

5.  Classes reorganized

6. Balance game play


1. K/D can earn you more points then doing objectives

2.  No vehicles (yet)

3. Grenades and RPG's power drastically reduced

4.  Few main features not implemented (IE squad leader arty strike)

5. Quite a few graphical glitches

The biggest downfall of BF3 is it hype. This game has been hyped up for what now 6 years? The hype is so immense now that people will criticize every Little error in the game. Some people have set there standards up to high to the point there unattainable. The other big downfall for BF3 is the fact some one can 30-5 be on the top of the leader board and not complete any objectives. To fix this they need to make M-com arm destruction 500 or arming 500. But, they could reduce the reward for killing someone down to 50.

But, one thing I think battlefield really shined was in operation metro. I'm very advocate of having vehicles on every map and being the main focus on this game. But, the way they did this map was just simply beautiful. The area looks real and the transitions from base to base is very unique and believable. You first start out in a park then slowly move down to the subway system then into the city.  I hope to see this in more rush maps.


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