PROS and CONS to BF3 Beta I've noticed so far...

Before I list what I have experienced, know that I have only been playing this game for a couple days. If you noticed something that I did not list then let me know!



1. Finally they put prone in.

2. Sound quality. You can almost hear the bullets fly past you.

3. Not going to make a full comment on graphics because I have yet to see a building turn to rubble, but it is slightly better graphic wise than previous Battle Fields

4. Gun attachments. Lasers in the subway are pretty cool.

5. Screen moves when you do abrupt manuevers like hopping over a ledge or hitting the ground to prone, also when explosion are going off near you.

Can't think of any more at the moment.



1. Connecting to servers! Hopefully this won't be a big deal when the full version comes out.

2.  If you are away from your controller for 4 mins(?), you get disconnected, which is fine, but when you try and join another lobby, for me, the game never stops loading/connecting.

3. The way the gun shoots basically looks like 1-3 shots were recorded and it just plays back. Same thing with every weapon. Something that I noticed in every Battle Field.

4. Invisible forcefields near some vehicles where you cannot shoot/snipe someone down the street.

5. Sometimes, when you pause then unpause the game, your screen will be stuck blue as in the same screen of the pause menu.

6. Distance able to throw grenades, maybe it's just me....

7. Very little/if any recoil on full auto at medium range with M16/M4 and possibly more guns.



Remember: If you noticed something that I did not list then let me know!



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There are no pros/cons in a beta.  Just bugs.

When comparing this Beta to past games, there are pros and cons to each. I can only imagine the bugs that are waiting to be discovered by those players who spend all their time looking for bugs/glitches.

What I meant was Beta does not mean demo.  Anything can change.  Game play, textures, animations, how you move the player, how they match teams, how you select squads.  100% of the content of a Beta is subject to change before release.

You may find all the cons removed in launch.  Or you may find everything you liked removed.  You're reviewing a rough draft.  About the only thing you can be sure of is that the game will be called Battlefield 3.

I say this having beta tested numerous games and software.  Beta means a lot of things but it definitely does not mean demo.

I'm not doing this with a half-@ssed beta. I'll get back to you shortly after the 25th of Oct.

I've noticed some sound issues,for example after pausing or respawning ambient sounds,other players firing their weapons (including enemies) and footsteps are all quiet or none existant,whilst my guns sounds are normal and so are my footsteps.It corrects itself after a while.

So far i am enjoying the beta the few bugs were expected but the number of snipers (who now also have the ability to go prone!!) is a little annoying,i have not been killed that much by any other class lol.

Oh and one more thing,why do some players look like they're carrying crossbows when they are using smg's? Weird!

@VE PsychicAce - I've noticed the sound glitch too, usually after respawning. I also noticed the crossbow too, got all excited thinking you could unlock it but realized it was probably a glitch... maybe it was the bipod...

i dont think a fairly realistic game like Battlefield would have a crossbow in it... Though i can see it would be cool.. But only if they would implent it in the game joke wise... like.. "cus we can!" NOT for serious purpose in game..

It is the bi-pod, after a 45 minutes game on the attacking side. I unlocked the bi-pod for the M4A1. I don't know why you would need that for this weapon. My three year old could shoot that weapon with the amount of recoil. But after that game I noticed when you get past a certain amount of ribbons. The game just has a generic ribbon and in ( ) the number of ribbons you got. I thought it was kind of funny. Also, after 39 matches so far that was the only match that came close to the time a Rush match on BFBC2 took to complete. That will most likely change once people get the hang of the game and the squadding up works correctly.

the "invisible forcefield" happens between some objects to,bushes,trees etc if you shoot between them your bullets go nowhere.

it seems to be just me ,but the controller when aiming is way to sensitive,i try to adjust my aim slightly just before i shoot and end up facing the other way,really annoying.

Thanks for all the input, I read all the replies and I have also experienced sound issues.



Another few things to add to the CONS:

-Upon spawning, sometimes, everything is muffled, similar to when you die. Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes it doesn't. 

-Near the first bomb site A, where a crater appears next to the metal wall, you can fall into the ground and become (from what I know) invisible to the attackers and shoot upwards through the ground at anyone who tries planting at A. You can also be shot.

 -You have to invite friends into your "manage squad" if you don't want to spend 30 minutes trying to get on the same squad. 

-You cannot create your own squad in the game and are forced to join Alpha/Beta/etc. This could be fixed by being able to start squads in game, which would obviously splinter the players unless you make every squad joinable. 

-Joining games with friends in my squad only to have them on the other team. 

-Trying to join a different squad then the one I spawned in, only to consistently join the same squad, even when there's room on other squads. 

-RPG and other launcher damage seems to be messed up slightly. I have watched multiple people survive RPG blasts from like 3 feet, wtf? 

-Spawn beacon or whatever it is the sniper class drops, when you respawn on it or off it, you don't have any ammo for it and cannot pick up old ones or set new ones down. Perhaps there is a timer I'm unaware of... 

-No cooking/holding grenades, you push the bumper and you better aim quick. 

-Not sure if this was implemented to make team spawning worse but the 3 second black screen upon team spawning is frustrating. 


All I can think of at the moment. I will add more problems to the list when I encounter them.

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