Pros and Cons of ME3.

What do you find compared to it's predecessors, are the positives and negatives to ME3? Here's my list


Combat is at it's best.
All the missions are varied and fun.
More EDI. 
The Geth/Quarian wrap-up. Always really loved that ME sideplot.
The new map interface is great and useful. 
Biggest emotional rollercoaster from all three installments.
Solid multiplayer. 
Banshees and Brutes!
Kei Leng as a challenging rival.
The soundtrack *wipes tear* 


Is it just me or much less dialogue trees with your squad compared to 1 & 2?
The journal is a cluttered mess and basically useless.
Nightmare sequences... that kid in general tbh.
Some squadmates from ME2 really get the shaft. Remind me not to bother romancing Jack..
A lot more linear.
Unsatisfying conclusion (imo)  unanswered questions and plotholes. 






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The only thing that I don't like is the Journal. It is so terrible! I mean how could they evolve almost everything and downgrade the near perfect journal from mass effect 2?

Yep the journal is a mess and dosen't help you at all in finishing you quests, specialy the small ones. But the think that gets me is the end of the story. I build my Shepard for this. Thats just wrong. I'm very disappionted and sorry I spend the money. The original ME, I played so many many many times with at least 8 diffrend Shepards. Because it was just fun the worst thing was the Mako. I could have made my peace with tha fakt that no everybody is going to make it. But this ending is just wrong, considering what we invested in our character. For me it will serve as a reminder do rent or buy used. Because it should be entertaining not disappointing.

I really don't know why they downgraded the journal so much. They could have just copied it completely from ME2 and I would have been happy. But the current journal really doesn't give you any guidance for your missions.

has anyone else noticed that loading times are ***? it takes me a good minute for loading anything into the armor selection, i've stuck with the N7 dlc armor just because i don't want to spend 10 minutes trying to find the best custom armor. and loading screens seem to be a bit too long as well. i've got both discs installed too.

I did notice the lag in the armory. I have the discs installed on the HDD and have no problems with loading time besides the armory. Makes no sense...


Another con:


We didn't need new crew in ME3. No matter how cool they are, we will never care for them like the old squad. I would have preferred another recruitable squad member from the past games.