proplem with download . Help PLS !!!

i cant start downloading becouse there write "change pay method" but wot is for free ! i cant pay for free game !!! help me pls


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Its a free game but it still uses parts of the Xbox systems, so you need a Xbox Live Gold connection to play it.

ie" when Xbox Live has problems, it makes it hard to play at time as it won't run without Live even if you are Gold.

Their is often deals that if you do a Xbox trial, then go Gold, you can get a free premo tank.

"The game is free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and includes a 7-day trial for Xbox Live Silver subscribers.[5]"

"What Will I get if I Upgrade my Microsoft Silver Account to Gold?

Great news!  Microsoft and Wargaming have teamed up to bring you this exclusive offer when you upgrade your Silver Xbox Live Trial Account to a Gold Xbox Live Account.

Currently, World of Tanks is only available for Gold Xbox Live Members.  However, we are now offering players a Free 7-day trial Silver Membership, that will allow them acess to World of Tanks.  Once your 7-day Trial has expired you will no longer have access to World of Tanks.

Microsoft is offering all players who upgrade from the 7 day Free Silver Trial to an Gold Xbox Live membership, access to the rare Tier III Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J German Premium Light Tank, which is currently not available anywhere else in game."


Did your issue get resolved?

There are a lot of names for this kind of account.

It is SILVER (with NO games played) & is not his REAL account.

You're welcome!

Good luck.


Did your issue get resolved?

i have the same probleme, know how to solve it, i have my credit card on both xobox and microsoft account set on up to date, but still wont let me...

you need xbox gold membership to play.  So you would have to have a payment method.