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Can anyone give me some nice advice where to find some good Multiplayer FAQ for Halo Reach. I was a "pro" Unreal Tournament (PC) player ages ago and I know what it takes to get to the next level. I'm really interested in team slayer type of game and looking forward in a future to find some nice clan where people enjoy clan wars. Somehow I'm finding Halo similar to good old Unreal.

I appreciate your understanding



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Practice > Guide?

Make friends, set up a team, and run some Big Team.


Rush any of these Vehicals: Banshee, Scorpian, Wraith.


The DMR gets more inactivate the faster you fire, so:


At Close Range: Fire as FAST as possible at Close Range


Fire semi fast at Medium


Fire slow at Long Ranges


Learn to use the pistol over the Assult Rifle, the Assult Rifle is terrible. Learn to use the DMR over the Pistol.


Learn the maps, learn the weapon spawns and just Practice practice practice.


Where to get them?  Not sure.

You specifically mentioned team Slayer.  At one point Noble 29 had a great description of the maps.  It was a very comprehensive guide.  Not sure if he has it, but it may be gone with these new forums.

I'd like to know a little bit more about what exactly you want to know.  I'd be happy to help if I can better get a feel for a specific question.

Thanks everyone.

~tabasco cat

I want to know all basics like all possible timings, strategic points, typical names for the zones. Like you wrote good descriptions of the maps would be great. I'm happy to read all that. So if anyone can provide some useful links that would be great.


Buy a guidebook for the game, buy all of the DLC, get a decent headset, and spend the next month between MLG, Arena, and BTB, with occasional Team Objective mixed in. You'll either come out a pro, or hate the game so much you won't bother to play it again.

Shortcuts, all the way....