proof of cheating by tactical gaming members and admins.

i have been a member of for several years and recently has my account deactivated for cheating.

not only was i not cheating but they provided no evidence to prove so. they provided a video of a friends account whom i played with.

in the video you cant see his achivments because he has his account set to private. they said that account hasnt played crysis 2 because it doesn't have achivements.
but the account does.  false evidence. you can see this account by looking up cephillis  gamertag.

now onto the reason not to partake in www.fraggednation or tactical gaming.
a lot of the admins on fragged nation are members of tactical gaming.
on the crysis 2 ladder i was in second place and holder of the crown for beating the first place person.

a former tactical gaming member took first place during my break from the game.
this person is a known booster so i refused to play him.
so this meant for him to get the crown from me i would have to lose it to somebody else then him play them. well the tg mebers and tg related admins on fragged nation didn't like this. so they changed the crown rule so that you had to play once every 7 days or they could take it and give it to whomever they want. of course this would be another tg member lol? my solution too this problem was to play my room mate.  once every 7 days if i couldnt get a game with another ladder member wich was often as sevral people ducked me and the ladder was pretty dead. well i had a funeral of a friend to attend and missed the 7 day mark.

the crown was taken from me and at first i was ok with this. then i looked at other crysis 2 ladders on fn more specifically the crash site ladder.
i noticed something fishy the team tg nostromo had the crown for crash site yet they hadn't played a game since may 28 their crown should have been taken long before my crown as my last game played was in june now here is the messed up part. the fn admin teemedic that's her screen name on was on team tg nostromo. so the admin removed my crown but not her own teams. i submitted a support ticket and even though they rightfully took my crown they decided to give it back because they then would have to take their own crown away. they then found another way around this problem accuse me of cheating with not actual evidence and deactivate my account without letting me disprove the so called evidence. then  teemedic put up a pole to get the crown rule changed so her team would not be in violation of the rule. the votes did not go her way and the rule stayed the same. leaving her team in violation of the crown rule. i created a new account as mine was blocked and seen tg nostromo still had the crown. and submitted a ticket stating they were still in violation of the rule. wouldnt you know it my ticket was handed off from one admin to teemedic the very person who's team was in violation of the crown rule. the very person that had me deactivated.

well the ticket was never taken care of and they blocked the new account i created so i could contact support and submit the ticket. this happened today. it is now the end of the season of crysis 2 on fraggednation and her team tg nostromo still have the crown.


this is clear evidince  of  teemedic cheating as a player on and abusing her admin privliges as an admin on the same ladder.

everytime i try to get this cleared up the lower admins especially ones that are members of tactical gaming sweep it under the rug. i'm now in the process of going higher up in staff at fragged nation. all you need to do to see for yourself is goto goto the crysis 2 ladder section look up rules.
look for crown rule it will say must play once every 7 days. then look up the crash site ladder tg nostromo is in first place click matches then recent matches and you will see in their recent matches that they didn't play for well over 7 days after may 28.



 teemedic is a cheater and abuses her fn admin powers. note i am posting her fraggednation account name not her gamertag.

i was suspended before for accusing her of cheating because i couldn't prove it. now i have proven it and what do they do nothing.

if you have read this whole rant sorry for the wall of text and thank you. if you feel this type of thing should not go unpunished boycott use gamebattles or something else. and dont play tactical gaming teams. if you have a account write the admins and enter support tickets and post in the forums. if you are a member of tactical gaming please mention this to your superiors. and if you could care less go ahead and flame. lol


to any tactical gaming members if teemedic is kicked from tg for cheating i will take tg out of this post. and to fragged nation if teemedic is removed as admin. i will remove fraggednation from this post. and no i dont want my account back it's gone way past that now.


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It's there loss. They just lost one of the best players on there ladders from the sounds of it. If I were you I wouldn't attempt to go back after that mess. Eventually all that crap will come back and bite them in the ***. When the wrong people get put in charge of something like this, that's when something good turns to *** and you walk away.

I've hit up several people problem is I'm having trouble finding a way to get this to someone high enough in fragged nation support. the highest point I've gotten to is dbl he happens to be a member of tactical gaming. every account i create to submit a support ticket is handled by a member of tactical gaming and those accounts get deactivated before i get a final closed ticket communication. i have saved emails and communications through out all of this. although my above post was made in hast as a rant and probably hard to read and understand. once i have compiled all the communications i will be creating a new document that shows what happens step by step and all communications through that process.

the last email i got from dbl was that he was in the process of changing the crown rule. and resetting them so that the next team to play a match gets it. but that did not remove the crown from the tg team that shouldn't have had it and the season was set to end on 7-1-2011 witch means the season ended with them holding a crown they should not have had. even if they fix this the admin abuse and cheating has already occurred. that makes the only right choice for fragged nation if they want to prove they don't condone cheating by thier admins. is to remove those admins that have broken rules and over stepped their bounds.

silent scop i understand how you feel about gamebattles. i once had to deal with an admin their that was giving wins to friends on game results that were being contested. fragged nation used to be the better place for fair gaming ladders. but5 because the staff at fn has lost a certain amount of diversity it now is less fair than gamebattles. like i said a lot of the fn staff are all in tactical gaming too much power in one teams hand. btw i was once in tactical gaming and it was once a great clan with great leadership. i watched as many of those i learned from left. and i was finally booted myself for cracking what was a semi inappropriate joke in a public mw2 lobby. but the real reason is because i was creating to many waves with my questions and statements about cheating  that brought some attention to the very  person that i have just accused of cheating. only this time i have the evidence that they wanted me to provide the first time around. anyways gamebattles is a much better place as it stands now. there is more diversity in the admins as the majority of them are not all from one clan.

That's how those sites can be and which is why I quit doing GB

And also left TG. TG used to be a fun, fair, friendly clan until all the cool squad leaders and officers left. It's turned into a pile of crap now

Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully epic could help you out. I would tale this whole text you typed and send it to as many people as you can at fragged nation, try to get higher up people and don't give up

Good luck, I would like to know how this turns out

Hello John,

I am a new head admin on Fraggednation for Crysis 2 singles ladders.  I am really sorry about this whole situation from my personal point of view.  I see what I can possibly do for you and hopefully help you out .