Prologue 4-player impossible

anyone doing this, or need help passing this chapter 4-player? need help with this one. pretty much quick run through 


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send us an invite if your short on people i've done coop already but don't mind helping out

just got it done thx 4 the help though, still missing other chapters but i think it wont be a problem.

So it isn't impossible now?

The prologue is the easiest.

its hard to get 3 other players to join

I've started a public game on Prologue and let it sit at the point where there are 4 players outside. Is the Prologue actually joinable when you join a public game and choose Act 1? Or does it stupidly look for games from Act 1 Chapter 1?

I need to do Prologue with 4 players on insane so if anyone can help do please send me a message.

I need that one as well so if anyone does we can set something up. Just friend request me

I forgot to say above that nobody ever joins my game until the start of Act 1 Chapter 1.