Project proposal: If you care about video games, check it out.

** I'm exclusively posting this to know how many people would be interested to help me build such project.

The Ark of the video games industry
The goal is to create a group, clan, community or organization that will build something important; an online archive (sort of like a wiki). That archive will regroup multiple categories.

  • What we've learned from past games.
  • The art of playing video games.
  • The art of making fun video games

Instead of writing game reviews, we will pick up each game and write about what it did well, bad and if it established something that should become a new standard. Why? Because a lot of games are released with the same mistakes as past games and game developers are not following some standards when they obviously should, as if someone didn't do his homework for the past 10 years. This clan will become the the eyes and memories of this industry and shed some light on all this simply to ensure that video games are going in the right direction: evolution. All the knowledge that we have about video games, everything important to know is going to be written down.

The art of playing video games

This section is as much for singleplayer as it is for multiplayer games. We are looking for all the world experts or the ones who still understand how to play games to the highest levels. How to master the controls, gameplay mechanics, the different strategy, how to level up faster, the different shortcuts in a map, how to push further your mindgame, etc. This can be achieved by writing articles and posting videos that feature commentaries.

The art of making fun video games
This might be more for game developers, but I would welcome gamers as well, because... game design isn't just about simple opinions. There are mathematics, logic, life principles and psychology deeply involved. This section would be all about writing down our understanding of how to make every aspect of a game super fun.

  • Design
  • Level Design
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animations
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Programming
  • Etc.

The name of the organization
We will pass a vote to decide that.

Why is it important for gamers and developers as well?
During the past hundred if not thousand of years, we frequently lost multiple source of knowledge and managed to barely retrieve the information with a lot of time and efforts; a situation that could be easily avoided with the current technology. To build such an archive would be a solid and accessible source of information for anyone interested in video games. There are so many games out-there, it's pretty hard for anyone to keep track of everything.

There aren't many experts at playing video games in the world that actually understand the highest levels of gaming and can still share their knowledge. Such understanding is easily lost from one generation to another and must be shared. Plus, most designers are usually to busy at making games, they can't necessarily take the time to practice long enough to reach those higher spheres. We need experienced players to fill the gaps.

Game developers have to work hard, sometimes even work on genres that are not necessarily in the best ranges, sometimes work so many hours that they do not have time to play and be up to date, the new breed of game developers have Call of Duty and Halo as their standards and do not understand what made past games so great, etc. For multiple reasons, the current model of the video games industry make progress a hard thing to achieve. The creation of such archive would greatly help and solve many of the issues listed above.

Basically, the creation of an archive would ensure that developers can improve their work and be up to date.

Why am I not doing it on my own?
I'm working in the business as a designer, to reach my career objective and need to take on my free-time and I'm about to have a kid, so it's obviously not a project I can do on my own. Still, I think it's an important pillar that is missing in the video game industry right now. We have no clue what other development learned during the past years, competitive gaming is fairly new and current games do not help us the shed some light on the subject. This industry would greatly benefit from such archive and so do you.


So, that's the plan.

  • Do you find this project valuable?
  • Would you be interested to help us build this archive?
  • What are you most interested to help with?

Thank you in advance,


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Sign me up! Seems like you have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this all ready. I am an active game fly subscriber so i constantly have a new game to play.

Bumping this as well b/c it seems like a great idea.


I started the wiki, filled a few pages with examples and wrote one article that might interest competitive or the most serious players.