Project Draco

Anyone heard much about this title

Well here's a video:

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here is a blurb on it.

Speaking to GamasutraProject Draco lead Yukio Futatsugi and producer Toshiharu Tange laid out several details about the upcoming Kinect title. First and foremost, it won't actually be called Project Draco on release, though the final title has yet to be decided. The pair also expressed some of the difficulties in developing a title for Kinect.

One such issue is that different players will perform actions in different ways. "Previously you could just say 'Press the A button' and everyone got that, but trying to catch all the possible ranges of motion can be tough to implement," said Futatsugi.

The pair also discussed some of the processes behind how they create the worlds of their games, including the classic Panzer Dragoon series and Phantom Dust. According to Futatsugi, a good portion of the fantasy is reliant on "lies." Or, to put it more clearly, about 70 percent of his games are "created with a 'realistic' bent," while around 30 percent focuses on "stuff you would never see in real life, such as the supernatural abilities people have." And, you know, riding around on dragons. Check out Gamasutra for the full interview. [/quote]
Details released so far have the game being an on rails experience, Similar to Panzer Dragoon. The game will be 3 player co-op with unlockable dragon types and a level system to increase the power of the dragon. I am not sure how much replayability an on rails dragon shoot er game will have. But it is being described as a Hardcore game.

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 That looks great. Now if they only could release all the Panzer Dragoon games again.......thanks for the link.

There are a few updated screens of the game that's progressed much more since the release of that trailer, now. I believe things are looking good on that front though.

Personally I'd much rather an RPG version of the series, but for now, I'll just have to take Panzer Dragoon in any form possible.

Zombie Thread!!! Braiiiins!!!!!

But new Video Footage of the game and it seems it may be an XBLA project rather than full retail. Footage is in japanese.



At 0.36 they mention me. Haha!!


I really hope it will be playable using a controller just like child of eden was

Great new Gameplay trailer


They couldn't possibly release something for the hardcore gamer on Kinect

- Nearly the entire Xbox Forums

I might actually buy this game though. At least I would have more then Dance Central to play with my family.