PROJECT DEATHWATCH is recruiting for Halo: Reach! (VETERAN CLAN since 2006!)

Hello! I'm F4ceYourFe4rs, and I'm an Overlord of the multi-gaming clan, Project Deathwatch! We are currently recruiting for Halo: Reach, but plan to expand to another game in the near future (most likely Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3).

By joining {PD}, you will not only be a part of an awesome gaming group, but a friendly and fun, active community. It's also a great way to meet new people from all across the world, and can benefit you in many ways!

But what makes {PD} different from the thousands of other clans, you say? Well, to answer that simply, we have experience. Let me give you a little history lesson.

Project Deathwatch was founded in late-2006 by a group of high school friends, consisting of myself, COM 5, Knightof5orrow, and ohbandit4. We originally operated on multiple games across the Xbox console, but then strictly ran on Halo 2 as it was the most popular game of the time. During the time, we won approximately 90% of our clan matches, and faced formidable competition such as IGA, KSI, and EOT.

However, in 2007, a major "civil war" between the founders and other leaders at the time caused the clan to break apart. But after a couple of months apart, mostly everyone came back to restart activity on Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. From 2007-2009, we remained active, and even expanded to Modern Warfare 2 and World at War. Unfortunately, due to being overwhelmed by the large workload, the clan went into a state of inactivity for 2010.

But now, we're back! We're now playing Halo: Reach, and plan to add Call of Duty: MW3 once it is released (this, however, is always subject to change; we're also looking into Battlefield 3!).

Now that you have a short history lesson, there's not much else to know about our group. I've made a promotional video for the clan that can be found HERE


Our primary website is our FORUMS, but we also have a general information website located HERE, which has enlistment info, media, clan match history, and other things. We are still in the process of cleaning up things from the older days of the clan, so pardon us for that.

We are also taking challenges for clan matches, so if you'd like to do that, you can just visit our forums and post in the Halo: Reach Clan Match Discussion.

You can join by going to the New Recruit section of the forums and filling out an application. If you have questions, you can reply to this, send me a message on XBL, or PM me on the forums. I'm usually always reachable somewhere! :)

Anyways, we at Project Deathwatch hope you will join us and get involved in one of the best clans you can find on Xbox Live! See you on the battlefield!



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I'd also like to mention that all this weekend, the Overlords/Staff will be playing some matches on Halo together, so now would be the perfect time to join our clan so you can get to know a few friendly faces! Trust me, it'll be fun! ;)

I liked the video it was pretty cool.

Thank you!! :)

Hi again everyone! Myself and the leaders are on Halo: Reach right now to recruit some people, so if you'd like to play, hit me up with a FR!