Progressing from Normal to Hard

I am wondering what happens at the end of Normal. Can I start a Hard playthrough with my character and all the gear/lvl I accumulated on normal? So if I finish Normal at lvl 37 with a legendary sword of death, will I start Hard with that?


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Also how does lvl scaling work?  If I am lvl 5 playing with a lvl 40 what lvl will the enemies be for each of us?  Is it like Dead Island where the same enemy will be lvl 5 for me and lvl 40 for my coop partner, or is it like borderlands where the same enemy will be lvl 40 rendering the lvl 5 character useless in battle?

Take a look at this link for a breakdown of the changes in modes (aka difficulties).


As you can see, as the enemies' resistances/strength increases, but so do the rewards.


You can use the same character in Nightmare (that is the next level after finishing the game in Normal mode)  - nothing on your character changes, just the environment.  So, none of your gear will change, but the loot drops will become better; that sword will quickly lose it's effectiveness against the tougher monsters.


However, in order to advance to the next mode, the character will have to be a minimum level (for Nightmare, I think it is level 30).  So, you cannot power level for lower level characters.

Thank you SargonParidius for the info, its good to know. I realize weapons will soon be underlevelled and weak but there are rings that grant xp bonuses that last alot longer. I was more concerned about my skills.

I appreciate your time, it has pushed me further towards buying the game :)

Hey Toad,

Once you get to 60 and through inferno the first time the game actually opens up a bit more. Playing the Master Levels for difficulty is where the real loot / gear starts to drop. My demon hunter is now and paragon 16 and damage is at 455,000...I'm curious to see just how high damage can be geared / skilled up.