progress wiped out

tonight i noticed that my progress has been wiped and i am back at level 1, all my ribbons, except for weapons executions are gone.

I launched the game before logging into xbox live so now my entire ribbon set is gone, i am back at level 1, medals are gone.  ALL of my progress GONE WTF.

if this not fixed i will sell this F%^&%@ game.


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I also just bought the Season pass well if all that i have done thus far is wiped out whats the point.

It won't be reversed unfortunately. So I guess I can point you in the right direction, having said that.

never had this issue with Gears 1 or 2 what a freakin POS.

would i be able to get my money back for the season pass.

fool! read the details. all things sold in the marketplace are non-refundable. so you have choices, suck up and keep the game so you can get all dlc since u payed for it.... or ragequit. your choice :)

this happened to me. I cleared my cache, deleted my gamertag, (just the tag, all the other stuff) recovered my tag, did the game updates, and i was back to my level. i also didn't try and play a game when this happened. I've read once you play online you're *** but you never know. hope this helps.