Profile corrupted at boot up

Hi Guys

Need some advice. I have recently had a message at the start up screen that says my profile/save file is corrupted. I have to ok everything and reset my loadouts everytime i play the game. Strange thing is that all my guns/unlocks are there as are my stats etc. Just a pain the the *** to have to do it every time i play the game. If i delete my saved game/profile on my hard drive will I lose everything? Thanks in advance. stu


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Just delete the profile save for BF3 and when you start again, it'll stop.

Happens to me every couple of weeks. What above poster said, delete your save data for Battlefield 3. Don't worry you won't lose anything, Dice backs up player stats online. You will have to choose your weapons, attachments, perks, etc. Its a pain in the @@@ but its fixable.