Profile Change Issue

More often than not, after playing for a bit and switching away from the game...  When I go back to the game I get a screen telling me that the profile has changed and that I will be returned to the main menu (or something of that sort) - I can see the message in the foreground asking me to press 'A' to continue.  I see the animated Powerstar Golf logo sort-of dimmed in the background.  The problem is, nothing happens when I press the 'A' button.  I've tried going to the Xbox One home screen and back.  Tried different controllers, etc.  The only think that seems to allow me to continue is to start a different game and then go back to Powerstar, so it forces a restart of the game.

Has anyone else experienced this?



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Did you hand the controller to someone else?  That's the only time I've seen that happen and that was while playing Skylanders.

Nope.  I think the profile is logging out while watching TV, or something.  Either way, it should never happen.  If you are presented with a screen that says to press 'A' to continue, then pressing 'A' should actually do something.

I'm pretty sure this happens when someone uses your caddie.  that the times i notice it happens to me.