I have been waiting to get minecraft for three weeks and after starting a game in survival I wanted to get all the awards since they were easy but every time i did one it didn't give me it. I didn't play it on creative at all. It really is making me made. please help me.


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Try starting a new game and see if it happens there as well.  If you just go through the tutorial you will get some achievements.  If it still happens, it could be that, at 2190, Microsoft considers your gamerscore to already be way too high.

Wow that was snobby.

I can't see how my gamer score can be too high already I only got my xbox in December

He's kidding just look at OUR gamerscore.  Anyways, it happened to me before, its just a glitch, and as Wild Attorney, said just try to make a new world


I'm new to Xbox 360 so I have been having a lot of problems. Thanks again.