Problems with my tuning calculator.

All of my suspension stats come up. For some reason i cant get the gears to work, i only get 1st gear and nothing else. I am i doing something wrong? 


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Which program are you using? There are a couple out there.

Have you tried the Forza 4 Calculator by Slave Munky?

In am using Slave monkeys tuning calculator. Just for some reason the gear ratios don't show up? I might have to re download it or something.


Have you selected a language, units and vehicle on the first tab of the excel file? If you've done that, you may have a corrupted excel file and re-downloading it should fix the problem.

I work with excel a lot and tables and files with a lot of data do often become corrupted. Slavemunky's file has a lot of data (all good info by the way).

Let me know how it turns out.