Problems with conjuring atronachs

I had a level 15 Breton that I was specializing in conjuration with and whenever I'd try to conjure the flame atronach, my guy would literally disappear for about 4 seconds and then reappear and there would be no atronach.  When I was able to successfully conjure the dadgum thing, I had to come to a complete stop and point at the ground.  I discovered this when I was doing the White Phial quest from Winterhold.  I've since deleted that character, but I'd like to know if it was a bug in the game for that character.  I haven't gotten any of the patches due to my not having an internet connection.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Also, was this site down for a couple days?  I tried logging in from my laptop at the house, but it never went anywhere.  I'm at my college right now and here I sit.

I have been having problems with water, summoned monsters, and followers. Im starting to think its the game disc or that its just a glitch but water popping out of no where when im on top of a moauntain or on the ground nowhere near water. I figure its the game disc. Also the forums have not been down i have been on everyday.

Yeah, I just figured out that I wasn't signed in to Live on my laptop.  Problem's been fixed.  As for your problem, that sounds like a bug on the disc you have.  I wouldn't worry too much about it as long as it doesn't effect game play.  I started a new game as a Dark Elf focusing on Light Armor, Archery, Sneek, and Pickpocket.  So far, so good.  Now, I just need to find some awesome Light Armor and I'll be set.  

There's really no telling what you may find without the patches. I got my game late after all the patches were out. My friend says the game did not start out well until he got all the patches.