problems whith parchuse

I parchuse the II mythic map pack for halo 3 for 800 microsoft point, after the transaction it was about to start downloading the package and error showed and that took me out of the marketplace when i return to the marketplace 800 microsoft point were debited but the package wasnt downloaded and when I try to download the pack again it ask me to pay 800 microsoft point again. how can a get the pack without pay again?


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Did you buy the maps on that gamertag and xbox?


DLC (ie maps) are links to your gamertag and xbox.  They will only show up on the download history of the gamertag you purchased them on.


Also if you have bought a new xbox since you bought the maps, you need to transfer licenses to that new console, to redownload DLC and play it on other gamertags.  This link should help if you need to transfer licenses:

i sorta have the same problem,i bought the maps a long time ago near when they came out i played them all and had the maps for a while but now i got on and they not there i went to download history and it doesnt show i went to marketplace and seen if i could download again i couldnt so i came on here and looked at that history its not there either but it does show that the maps are in my memory on my hard drive i have no clue how to get them back i have tried almost everything i could think of and if anybody else has any ideas plz help me out btw im missing legendary and mythic maps not mythic 2

You should be able to find it on your download history, i can't remember how to access download history on my xbox but i think you press the guide button and then go to account setting and find download history.  If you can't find your download history on the xbox you can view it here, you just add the map pack to your download queue and it should auto download when you connect to xbox live next time: