Problems moving cards with the mouse or touch.

I've looked through some post, but haven't seen my problem.

Problems started around the 8.1 upgrade, and after I purchased the collection.  Before the problems began, using touch, I could tap on a card and move it or a selection of cards by simply tapping on another card.  Now the only way I can move the cards is to tap, hold, and drag to the new location.  Using the mouse is a little bit better, but my no means up to par with the game before the problem occurred.  Approximately 80 percent of the time the card(s) won't move after I've selected them, so I have to resort to drag and drop.  I have noticed that after I've clicked on a card(s) several times, they will be selected, then I can click on a destination and they'll move to that location.

There are more problems with tap/click and drag.  I've had the card(s) return to the original location, or move to a location other than the one I have selected.

I determined that the problem is not in my desktop or touch monitor.  I did this by going to the local Sam's Club and finding computers with touch monitors and the Solitary Collection installed.  Every one that met this criteria (there were no Dells) displayed the same problems with touch or mouse.

My equipment consist of a Dell XPS8700 SE and Dell S2340T Touch Monitor.


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We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix to it that we'll be pushing out ASAP. Thank you so much for reporting this to us and we hopefully will fix it all up for you soon! :)

I thought I was going crazy, I only have this issue when trying to use the touch screen. Thanks for reporting this.

We're looking forward to the update going live and fixing this.