Problems Going On After Update/Uprising?!?

Seems like ever since the server updated with the uprising maps I literally cannot kill a single person.  Before uprising I was going typically on a 2-3.00 kdr and now I am lucky to go 0.50.  I know its not me.  I can see an enemy, pull up the gun, aim and shoot and NOTHING then they turn around and boom instant death.  I come around corners while people sprint at me full speed, boom instant death with no chance of fighting back.  Didn't have the issue the other day and I really love playing this game but having nothing but problems now.  It has got to the point where I am not even wanting to play with how buggy everything has been the part 24-48 hours.  Sucks though because I am really wanting to play some HC TDM ><

Is anyone else having issues since Blops2 updated the other night?  


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I havent played much MP since the DLC drop, but connection "tweeks" usually happen every update/DLC and it seems this update was "bad" for you. Grin and bare it until the next update/patch/DLC "tweek", as stats dont mean anything anyways, eh?

i think its just you

my K/D is lower too but I'm pretty sure it's a combination of new maps and my sucking.  

  I've been getting my butt kicked on the new maps for the most part.

   I cant blame anything though,other than me, it just seems there's been a high concentration of good players on.

Your 2-3.00 k/d must have come my way op. Sorry but when I am done I shall return it to you.

^^ can I borrow it for a while lol