Problems connecting to other player

My frustration is mounting regarding this.  They should really dummy-proof this.  I'm trying to play this with my wife, but we don't have the exact DLC packages.  Can I just say for the record, this little minor detail needing to have the same DLC is ridiculous.  There should be a way that it tells me exactly what I need to be able to play with the other person.  If I look at it and decide it isn't worth spending them money to play with the other person, then that is my choice to make.  On a side note, why all the DLC?  Why not just include it with the game that people had paid $65 for? 

If there is an easier way that you may know, please feel free to share it with me as I feel rather inadequate to solve this perplexing problem.


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found this out the hard way the other day. me and my friend had to go thru the entire list of dlc to see what he had and i didnt. i just got the game, so stuff that was free around xmas time and other times u have to pay for now. he ended up having to save his stuff to a flash drive, and then delete the dlc i didnt have. it blows

wow I never heard of this issue. But I always got the DLC right away. I think they should make it easier to atleast let you know what is missing that isn't allowing you to play.  Make it at least somewhat easier on how to fix the problem

i had the same issue yesterday when trying to connect with someone, i was ready to scream trying to figure out what was different. We couldn't find what was different, even after going through everything. Why do we have to have everything the same to be able to play together? I don't understand it.

I get this allllllllllll the time! Which is why i normally opt for the random game options, however this hardly ever works because everyone just throws me out straight away. honestly! You should DISABLE the multiplayer feature if you DONT want people in your game! O.o

Extremely frustrating and the dumbest thing since the fable 3 dog!!!

I can honeslty say I have experienced a similar problem. I could not connect to my friend's game on his xbox. We both went through the DLC we both have, and it was EXACTLY the same. He called Xbox and spoke to 5 CSAs, 2 Supervisors who sent it over to their "Tech Dept" where it is up to a level 2 problem. We did all the troubleshooting things they told us to do as well. We are waiting to hear back about it. We can play together if we delete the DLC, but honestly we shouldn't have to. One of the supervisors said this problem seems to be common on the PC version, but Lionhead has yet to do anything about it or even respond to it. I agree, the DLC someone has shouldn't make a difference in who you decide to play with.