Problems connecting to Hardcore servers. Always full :(

I selected all regions (EU, US, Asia), but all the HC servers - full. No luck connecting to them.

I had no problems at all with Hardcore in BC2.

Will EA add more servers?


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they stated the other day as part of their server upgrade today they were bringing more hardcore servers online , update was planned for 2am PDT Im UK and that translates to the servers being down at 9am which is 15 mins away. So in the next two ours or so there should be more hardcore servers :_

They were all full and most had a que when I tried to get on them around 1 PM EST.

I'd like to play hardcore mode too,havn't been able to yet.

They have hardcore servers?!  I never knew this.  May someone tell how to join one of these as I've only seen conquest, rush, team deathmatch, etc.  Am I not scrolling far enough through the list on the quick game menu?


Choose server browse instead of guick join. Then click the right analog stick and you will be at the filter screen. This where you can choose servers to you liking

Why they did not add hardcore to the quick game menu is beyond me

its a lie.....they're gonna shut down all the HC servers....they got your money so they don't care about your's like 'romance' with a self centered person

The biggest thing is they need to roll out MANY MORE hardcore servers, because I can wait in the queue to get in now, but I can't play with my friends and create squads with friends in my hardcore game. This is BATTLEFIELD EA, team based play, last thing I want to do regularly is play conquest and rush without my squad of friends communicating

Need more hardcore please.