Problems connecting to Free mode and more probs

As the title states I am having problems connecting to Free mode. on other game modes it's not as bad I checked my settings I do not have a strict NAT. when I actually am able to start my own Free for all COPS isn't even highlighted nor is friendly fire or a few of the other options. I know I haven't had this problem in the past so any help would be much appreciated. I can very rarely connect to any GTA modes


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Single Player, go to your phone -->Multiplayer--->Preferences

Select the preferences you would like(Cops On/Off, Auto Aim On/Off, Friendly Fire On/Off)

Now, when you join games it will put you in a game with people who have the same preferences as you, if you can't find any open games then it will automatically start your own lobby up. Hope this helped!

Hey thanks for replying back I appreciate it I knew about what you said in the preferences. The main problem I am having is if I want to create my own game Cops and the auto aim and another feature aren't even highlighted and I can't select them or change them

Yes, that was from the first Xbox 360 patch for GTA IV. The game is like that and will stay like that. When in a lobby, you can't change the police, auto aim, or friendly fire settings. They are locked. Sorry, but the developers updated the game for 360 like that. Blame Rockstar Games.

That really sucks that was nice to be able to change those functions. I wonder why they changed it

Ah! That explains how a player was able to get the Enforcer (if anyone has ever seen it on Youtube).

Huh? I'm confused can you explain that