Problem :/

Hello guys!

I have looked all over the web and there is just no help for bf3 xbox problems :L.

I got the beta on my xbox no problem but when I click on multiplayer it just says loading in the corner and does nothing, Ive left it for 3 hours and still no luck!

Also the news feed just says loading all the time, is this why I cant play multiplayer? Ive deleted it and reinstalled many times still no luck.

Also I know EA are strict with the age guidance in there games , will this affect on xbox?

Many Thanks:


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restart xbox and try again

I think the servers are just flooded

Thanks for the quick reply

I have done this many times , ive restarted my router as well :L

did you dashboard out of the loading screen and try again?

I knew it was gonna be bad today. I am sure the servers are just flooded with people and "they weren't anticipating this much attention to the game" at least that's what EA usually say's

As far as I know, if your Xbox says you're under age, EA says you're out of luck.... no online for you. If that's your case.

Well I asked my mates playing it and its fine, It wont even take me to the screen for quickmatch and leaderboards.

Its just stuck also if I press start to show friends online it freezes :L

I just really wanna try this game I got it when it was first released to the public last night and it didnt work :L

Yeah ive done that plenty off times :)