problem with youtube app when snapped

videos play great full screen but when i snap them the stutter and the audio is out of sync?

is this a known issue is it fixable?

kinda makes the snapping worthless.


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Yeah it bugs me too. Other video apps play fine snapped, and only the YouTube app seems to have playback issues. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

Can confirm this happens to me as well. It is really frustrating.

i've stopped using it - would have been nice to use this snapped :(

Did this Issue ever get resolved?  I just picked up my Xbox One and Youtube is doing the same thing to me...I'm aware of the recent Netflix issues with the recent update and that will be fixed, but if Youtube doesn't work it's kind of a deal breaker for me because I use it for a lot of tutorial/walk-throughs etc. While I have a game up.   I read about the feature and picked up Xbox One over PS4 because of it, but it's hard to see the video when it's so choppy...especial if you are needing to see a part of the game in detail on the video.