Problem with The Completionist achievement

I have a question regarding The Completionist achievement. To unlock this you need to own all the expressions for you and your dog. The problem is 1 of the expressions is ONLY available trough the site which is offline or can't be found. In other words, you can't get that expression, which means you can't get the achievement... Is there any way this can or has been solved?


I tried sending an email to Lionhead about this, but all I got in return was a email stating they don't read their emails and I should go to xbox support or some other places... which kinda pissed me off, since I get the feeling I get pushed around, where everybody blames the other company for failing.


Could anybody please answer, I'm dying to get Fable II 100% I LOVE this game.


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I had the same problem in the beginning.. Somedays the site worked other days it didn't... I tryed going to 2 minutes ago..and it worked just fine..Maybe if you check it every other day then it might work

Okay, so after leaving it for a bit I checked back in to fable 2 and once I was at the guild where the chest is I re-opened it, since it was shut, inside was the manual for the expression I missed. I'm not sure if those things just took longer to load in the game or that it missed it somehow, but as things turn out, i got the achievement.

The site dazrscowsworth replied does work, you just got to sign in first ( this site )

So that's it... even without the Hero's Tale I managed to get everything I needed for the achievement Thanks for the replies and the help!

i went to the website and it says it say congratulations i have recieved the items. yet they are still not there

How long does this take 1-3 days?